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A Martha's Vineyard retreat

September 28th - October 5th, 2018



Have a persistent habit, big or small, that just won’t leave you alone?

Want to be free to finally reach your goals and live the life you know deep down is yours? 


A Once in a Lifetime Retreat

Are you ready for a relaxing vacation where you can learn how to dissolve habits that have had a grip on you?  (And yes, retain it long after you return home!)

Most of us are taught that:

  • Change is hard;
  • Habits take months to unlearn;
  • And peace needs to be practiced. A lot. 

But what if you are perfectly designed for change, and there is an innate process that you don't have to manage — one that will bring you naturally to your zone, and guide you efficiently to clarity, wisdom, and confidence. 

Fortune 500 companies, schools, communities, couples and individuals from all walks of life are discovering the vast benefits of this internationally acclaimed work, which illuminates a markedly different understanding of the mechanics of change, growth and human performance.


Is This For You?

  • Want to walk into work cool and confident?
  • Want to have creativity flowing through you?
  • Want to be the person that people you love and admire call first for advice?
  • Want to crush it at your next competition?
  • Want to be free from the trauma that's haunting you?
  • Want to consistently make choices that you feel good about?
  • Would you like to know, with absolute certainty, that you are already good enough?

This retreat workshop is for anyone who wants to make changes in their life, with less time spent on changing and more time spent enjoying

You'll develop an understanding of our innate, psychological immune system. No matter your past experiences, once you understand your psychological immune system and its built-in resilience and intelligence, habits literally unravel — not from effort, but from insights, or paradigm shifts. 

I am overwhelmed by the vastness of this potential.
— Louise Scott, Criminal Justice Lawyer
I have renewed confidence and a sense of self that had been long-lost.
— Sherri Nedzweckas
I highly recommend this course to everyone. It’s life changing.
— Ruth McGorty, Martha’s Vineyard

Ease of Transformation:
Dissolving Patterns Into Potential
September 28th - October 5th, 2018

In one extraordinary week, experience this inspiring, profoundly helpful program for yourself, and in-between group workshops and private, personal coaching sessions, luxuriate in a full-on Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Bask in the island’s beauty. Delight in delicious, organic food, yoga, massage, kayaking and more! 

Unlike 300-person, large events, the small-group nature of this retreat, and the remarkable team we've assembled, ensures you'll have plenty of time to ask questions, engage in one-to-one conversations, and move forward on the thing you'd most like to accomplish during our time together. 

Our facilitators have helped individuals and couples, addicts and prisoners, artists and musicians, and corporations and start-ups around the globe. Now it's your chance!

Can't wait?

Want a free breakthrough session with one of our facilitators?

Keep reading to find out more about the retreat itinerary and our team.


The Vacation

We are planning a wonderful week of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The schedule is subject to change based on interests and weather.

  • Friday, Sept 28 — Arrival and delicious evening welcome reception
  • Saturday, Sept 29  Morning Yoga for all levels, organic breakfast, morning group workshop: welcome and introductions, leisurely break, afternoon workshop
  • Sunday, Sept 30  — Morning Group fun fitness for all levels, organic breakfast, morning workshop, see-the-island private tour with arranged lunch. Explore Martha's Vineyard!
  • Monday, Oct 1 — Morning Yoga for all levels, organic breakfast, morning workshop, free leisure afternoon for reflection and integration
  • Tuesday, Oct 2 One-to-one coaching sessions. Therapeutic rest and restore massages. Beach, shopping, hiking, or relaxing! Optional island-style group dinner.
  • Wednesday, Oct 3 Morning Yoga for all levels, organic breakfast, morning workshop, leisurely break, ocean kayaking adventure
  • Thursday, Oct 4  — Morning Group fun fitness for all levels, organic breakfast, morning workshop, leisure island afternoon
  • Friday, Oct 5  — Bringing it all together, planning for follow up, and farewell (see-you-again) brunch
Filled with such gratitude for what we did, and for you. You helped make this possible in such an easy way and it was so powerful. Filled to the brim with so much love.
— Shenan Charnia, Coach (Post 3 Day Retreat)


Want a free breakthrough session with one of our facilitators?

Scroll down to meet our amazing team!


About Us...


Christine Higgins

Christine spent the summer of 1994 as a volunteer doing humanitarian relief work in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War; while many left the war zone hopeless and depleted, Christine carried home with her a sense of awe for the human spirit and its resiliency.  At the time, she didn't have words to articulate this experience or the beauty she had seen in her fellow human beings, but in 2013 everything changed as she met and trained with executive coaches, facilitators, and psychologists who were familiar with this inner intelligence and capacity we all have. 

Christine now spends her days as a facilitator, speaker, and consultant who helps others uncover their own undying spark and natural wisdom; this in turn infuses them with an unparalleled mental freedom, clarity, and grace...despite outside circumstances.  With a background in engineering and the arts, the corporate world and the not-for-profit world, Christine moves easily between the practical and the heartfelt.

Christine brings a cheerful, calm, steady presence to everything she does. In individual and group settings, she listens thoughtfully, asks insightful questions, and conveys support and encouragement. She keeps her “eyes on the prize” and consistently directs group conversations in a productive and meaningful direction. Talking and working with her is a joy, and I come away feeling centered and inspired.
— Janet Y., Newton, MA
Once I started understanding all of this, so many pieces came together. I will never be the same and will never stop being a part of this and sharing it with others.

I’m so grateful for Sharon & Christine and the love and wisdom they share.
— Christine D., New York

Sharon Strimling

Sharon has spent 25 years as a pioneer in the health and wellness industry bringing innovative understandings and holistic methods to enhance the lives of her clients. All of her work, no matter the modality — from coaching to massage to fitness — has been imbued with an understanding of the mind she feels profoundly thankful to have come across in the 1990s. It is to this foundation that she attributes much of her own and her clients’ success in lasting wellness. Sharon now dedicates herself full time to mentoring and training individuals, couples and corporations in this understanding, so that they too can experience meaningful and lasting change in their lives and work. Sharon and her team are deeply grateful to be part of this global shift in awareness that is empowering lives everywhere.

Sharon is truly special. One of the few thought-leaders I’ve met who actually has a deep grasp on how human beings thrive in this dimension of existence. What’s more, she lives life with great energy, honesty and authenticity.
— Brenton Mix, Entrepreneur, CEO, Author
Working with Sharon has proven to be truly transformative, both for myself and my relationship. She is giving us tools we never knew we had, and teaching us how to use them without knowing we’re using them! Our sessions run from intense to joyful to funny to incredibly interesting. I am seeing my partner and we become closer every moment, without even trying.
— D.K., Photographer, NY

Jacqueline Hollows

Jacqueline is an international speaker, a social entrepreneur, a teacher, a story-teller, and most of all a woman who cares about social change.  After 20 years in the IT business Jacqueline retrained as an executive coach and started a consultancy called Wild Inspired Life to help others like her have an easier and more fulfilling life.  Since then Jacqueline has founded a pioneering social enterprise working with inmates in prison; created a unique practitioner programme for inmates; created Wisdom Entrepreneurs a free resource for social entrepreneurs; and co-founded the Mind-Spa ( a retreat for professionals working within the criminal justice sector. With a passion for eliminating stigma, building communities and transforming the way mental health and addiction are viewed, Jacqueline Hollows has also been a figurehead in the thinking surrounding subjects, such as addiction, that are often perceived as taboo. 

Jacqueline resides in the U.K. and will be making a special trip to co-facilitate this Ease of Transformation retreat.

When the sun shines the flowers come out. Jacqueline is the sun.
— Kathy Robertson, Webinar attendee
Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience. It was such a rich experience for me, and seeing what you have done with Beyond recovery is literally unbelievable!!!
— Abby Robins, Administrator
I am still in awe of what I experienced yesterday and what Beyond Recovery is doing. The experience has given me an even greater understanding of what this understanding is capable of. Yesterday was a significant milestone for me, opening my eyes to the love and wisdom inside every one, even in surprising packages.
— Natalie King, Coach (Post Prison Visit)

Megan Kershaw LMT, RYT
[retreat massage therapist]

A native of Cape Cod, Megan is thrilled to be working with clients on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Her work in yoga and organic farming led her to pursue a career in bodywork, viewing these passions as the perfect triad of body, mind and spirit - the whole health package! Megan views every session as an opportunity to help you quiet your mind and put you back in touch with your body. Her intention is to promote well-being through total relaxation, believing that it is in this state that the body’s innate ability to restore and heal itself is supported. Her session will leave you feeling both relaxed and energized; able to step back into your life in a more balanced and embodied way.

emily phillips.jpg

Emily Phillips
[group fun fitness class instructor]

Emily is a movement educator. She holds a masters degree in clinical psychology, another in fitness management, and studied English at Tufts University. She is a foot educator for The Foot Collective, a group of physical therapists based in Ottawa, Canada. Her background includes a stint at Reebok headquarters as a fitness specialist, teaching yoga in-house at New Balance headquarters, and leading yoga and fitness classes at Equinox health clubs and Exhale Spas, all in Boston. In Los Angeles, Emily was personal trainer to exercise video star, Kathy Smith.

Emily was rated by City Sports Magazine as a "superior" teacher, and her retreats have been touted by USA Today Travel, Boston Common Magazine, and Bostinno. She leads group exercise classes, trains private clients, and leads trail classes and retreats. 

Her work focuses on foot mechanics, breath, and alignment, as well as mobility, balance, and natural movement. She is known for creating fun and inspiring classes with an emphasis on community and mindfulness.

She can be reached at, or follow her on Instagram at


Robert Sidoti
[group yoga class instructor]

Robert  has been teaching yoga internationally since 2007. He believes deeply that yoga can benefit one's life in many ways through consistent practice. Robert's goal is to make this practice accessible, powerful, fun and user friendly!  He is always looking to accommodate different body types, cultures, backgrounds and attitudes, and his experience in the fitness industry, sports, as a husband and a father, and teaching yoga to hundreds of individuals and instructors globally has enabled him to do that.

Robert understands how to work around limitations and injuries, finding ways for them to still have a positive, not lesser experience on the mat. He believes that yoga is for everyone and that in the beginning and throughout one's yogic endeavor's, making the choice and the time to show up is the most important part! All else just falls into place. Robert is a California native and has lived on the East Coast in NYC and on Martha's Vineyard for 24 years.



Island Tour


Great team, eh? Getting to know each other is always part of the fun!

Read on for more information about our beautiful location, pricing, and how to contact us.


Our Location

Martha's Vineyard

This retreat will take place in a beautifully appointed, large home, charming cottage, and on-site yoga studio — all just a few minutes walk to the ocean on the serene island of Martha's Vineyard.

The nearest ferry terminal, in Vineyard Haven, is less than a mile from the retreat location.

Click here to find out more about the charming, temperate island of Martha's Vineyard.



The cost of this retreat - which includes 7-nights accommodation, the group workshops, 1-to-1 personal coaching, a daily fitness or yoga class, a therapeutic massage, kayaking, a tour of the island, and organic food - ranges from $2,785 to $4,710 depending on your level of accommodation. Already have accommodations? We also have a day pass for $1,600.

It's here. It's your time. Let's create the freedom you've dreamed of.

— Property Photo Gallery —

(mobile devices, turn to landscape view for image descriptions)

— What People Love About It —

Best Vacation to MV in 30 years!! Thank you for sharing this incredible house with us! Our whole family had such a great time. We so enjoyed the space and charm of the house (very clean and well maintained!) and the location, feeling private but just a walk into town and down to the water.
— Mark
Best vacation week! Thank you again for making our vacation the best week we have ever had (no exaggeration). It was truly amazing and your house and the detailed preparation was THE key factor. From the outside shower (the biggest hit), the fire pit, the wonderful stocked kitchen and the great screened porch. We LOVED every square inch of the place.

I work in the travel business and have to stay away from home more than half of the year. So when ‘vacation’ time arrives, it seems like more of the same in most incidences. But this week was not the case and I felt so ‘at home’ in your house that I truly could’ve just stayed there forever.
— B & D


This retreat is a special offering, and will be limited in number to make sure that each participant gets exactly what they need.  If you'd like help deciding if this is right for you, please use this form to contact us.

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If you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, please type your phone number, with country code, into the "Anything else you'd like us to know?" comment box below. Thank you!
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This event is brought to you by the Sharon Strimling Consulting Group in collaboration with Inspired Storm and Beyond Recovery